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¿Descenderá el Real Zaragoza a Segunda División?

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42 % No

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Dice MichaelRet:


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Dice xa64Vprw1SKV:


. People will folllow [and be guedid by] spiritual leaders who understand God's agenda and who know how to help to move them onto it. As my former Divisional leaders, you both demonstrated grace, and visionally leadership which revealed God's purposes God's way .It is a joy to welcome you to your new roles, confident that you will build further enlarge and further strenthen our Triune God's kingdom!!! With my warmest regards God Bless you both! LynnJ

Dice t27JPm4s:


MandyI was so touched by the great love and the examlpe of forgiveness. It is SO hard to do under this circumstances. It can only be done through the conviction of the truthfulness of the gospel and the love of the Savior. It brought me tears! I am so greateful for the gosepl and our savior who really is our healer, that he can heal and cure our wounds. http://rqcuwfwj.com [url=http://nqrlxp.com]nqrlxp[/url] [link=http://mlxwqwhimb.com]mlxwqwhimb[/link]



Carlos, hang in there. Not all Mormons are judgemental. And your woudns will eventually heal. Christ can and will heal your woudns. He is the Great Physician. The fastest way to healing from woudns that were caused by someone else is to get as close to Christ as possible, through obedience to his commandments, and through repentence of our own sins. Christ paid for your wife's sins whether she repents or not. For her to cash that check, she needs to repent.Christ also paid for your woudns wherein you were sinned against. For you to cash that check, you need to forgive her.Forgiving her doesn't mean you have to think or say what she did was okay. That would not be forgiveness, that would be false forgiveness.Our western culture generally has a false idea of forgiveness. We (wrongly) seem to think that forgiving is to say it's okay or it doesn't matter or I'm going to pretend it didn't happen. That's wrong. That's false forgiveness.Forgiveness is to relinquish her and her sins to the mercies of the Atonement. Forgiving her means you are accepting Christ's Atonement as payment for her sins. Christ died to make _you_ (as the victim) whole too, not just her. A few years ago, I got paid a few thousand dollars for the car damage done when a drunk driver hit my car. I don't really care if he repented of drunk or reckless driving. I cashed the check. I was repaid. So his sin is between him, the Lord and the insurance company. I've forgiven him. It doesn't mean I think what he did was okay. It just means I'm no longer holding it against him, because a third party made me whole. (Well, I was shorted a few hundred dollars, but that's another story.)Through a belief (faith) in the Atonement, you too can cash the check that Christ wrote in Gethsemane and signed in blood on the cross.Your healing doesn't depend on her repentance, or on her in any way. Your healing is a transaction between you and Christ. Your healing from this is, or can be, similar to having the power of Christ's atonement heal you from any wound by by any means or source or person.If you are having trouble letting go of something that other people did, then go read The Enchiridion by Epictetus. It's free online, in at least 2 different translations from the Latin. He does a good job of explaining how our happiness doesn't need to depend on what others do.

Dice 5PsQhNWJEG:


This case isn't entirely uniuqe. In Texas a few years ago a woman's husband had an affair with a co-worker. She found out from other employees her husband worked with who claimed the woman chased her husband with all she had. When they divorced and her husband married the coworker she sued his new wife for breaking up her marriage, for disrespecting a marital contract. She won lots of dollars-which is good since she had 3 daughters to raise.Carlos, as much as I feel for you situation I am trying to figure out why people in 3 stakes knew the personal details of your divorce, and why they knew your wife had an affair. I know from my single friends (female) that one of the biggest turn offs to them is when a guy tells the details of his divorce in such a pitiful way (regardless of the details), as if he is trying to say, Look at me, I did nothing wrong. I'm innocent.'My brother in law divorced his first wife after years of marriage, and is loathe to tell anyone she had an affair. He thinks it is unfair to her for everyone to know. He's a good man. My sister who married him is lucky.

Dice n,:


son muy malos

Dice lili:


no se lo que poner

Dice 2674860:


Porque son todos muy malos. Tiene que volver Víctor Fernández. ¡QUE VUELVA YA, POR FAVOR!!!!

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